My general approach to therapy is holistic, which means the integration of several levels of experience, including cognitive, emotional, relational, and physical. I envision the therapy relationship as a collaborative effort in which options are discussed and rehearsed as needed in session; suggestions are tested in real life between sessions; and results are reviewed in subsequent sessions. We focus on goals selected by you, and we identify criteria or milestones by which you can recognize the changes you are making. Based on our collaboration, I select treatment methods to address your needs and achieve your goals. Depending upon what is needed, I may use short-term, goal-oriented strategies or longer-term, insight-oriented approaches.

I generally work from a cognitive-behavioral orientation, in which the focus of treatment is learning to observe and consciously alter patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaviors that often lead to negative experiences, and to recognize ways in which your understanding of a particular problem may interfere with resolving it. I look for ways to stimulate new thinking or to offer a different perspective on a situation, so as to allow you to consider or imagine solutions that might not have previously seemed effective or even possible.

My office hours are on Monday through Thursday afternoons between approximately 1:00 and 6:30 p.m.
I accept insurance reimbursement through Presbyterian, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, True Health New Mexico, and Medicare.